About Me

JessiMy Approach: I believe that human nature in its many forms is always evolving and if we are able to harness and lean into this change and learn to grow in healthy ways we can become our best selves. I seek to build a positive therapeutic relationship with all my clients to better comprehend the problems that they may be dealing with in their lives and attempt to assist them in finding healthy resolutions.

I use an eclectic approach so that I can meet each client where they are on their own personal path of life. I lean heavily on the cognitive-behavioral theory for its distinction between behaviors and thoughts and the narrative theory for its explanation of how we all use stories to interpret our lives.

I create a personalized working theory for each client to better integrate the most appropriate techniques to achieve the client’s goals. I see my role as one of facilitation and guide to assist the client in finding where it is they need to go to fix their own problems. I believe the counselor should encourage the growth of their clients, while providing a safe and confidential space for them to explore the unhealthy thinking and irrational beliefs that underpin their issues.

Formal Education & Training: I hold a master’s degree in Education from the Dominican University in California. I have also received formal training as a therapist from Oregon State University’s Master in Counseling Program as well as the Master of Arts in Counseling Program from Multnomah University. By having such a wide and diverse education I have been able to approach my client’s issues from many different points of view. The course work included in these programs comprised of the following: social development, human diversity, chemistry & growth of the brain, family dynamics, crisis & grief, cross-cultural issues, and adolescent challenges.

– Jessica Macklin


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