New terms seem to be entering into the world of Polyamory (Poly) at an ever increasing speed now a days.  I believe this is influenced by the growing awareness in our media and society for Poly and our different lifestyles.  Some of these new words/terms die off rather quickly or don’t seem to fit the community as a whole. However […]

A fundamental aspect of how humans perceive themselves, and thus their self-awareness, are the stories they create in their heads; both about themselves and others.  This internal storytelling is the focus of Narrative therapy.  ‘Individuals construct the meaning of life in interpretive stories.’  If we take this story-telling into consideration and encourage self-awareness, people can make use of the forward […]

What is Psychotherapy? The Oxford Dictionary explains psychotherapy as “The treatment of mental disorder by psychological rather than medical means.” Personally, it means the process of dealing constructively with problems or issues that occur in life through discussion in a consequence free environment. Psychotherapy and counseling can have great benefits as well as risks. This work may deal with sensitive […]

Often referred to as CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been around since the 1950’s but has been getting more popular in recent years.  There are many articles and books written about this approach but in short it deals with the emotions and thoughts behind human behavior.  ‘Humans have potential for growth, but also potential to diverge into irrationality.’  CBT focuses […]

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