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I have delivered trans awareness training since 2007, both independently and through charities, to medical professionals, law enforcement, camp counsellors, therapists, outreach/youth workers, prison staff, teachers, government officials and higher education staff, among others. 

Off Beat's workshops are always designed by the communities each training represents. You can request more information at the bottom of this page. 


A hierarchy image depicting the traditional approach to training (reliant upon learning terminology first)
A second hierarchy image depicting empathy at the foundation of Off Beat Therapy's training model
"Thanks for the enlightening session. Your insights and case examples were invaluable. The safe environment and interactive sessions greatly enhanced my understanding. I'm excited to apply this knowledge in my practice." - 2023 'Working with trans clients' participant
"I was grateful there was a safe space to learn and share and thought the session was really valuable and discovered things I had no idea about from the honesty and openness in the delivery." - 2023 'Working with trans clients' participant
"Definitely made me feel more confident in my knowledge of trans issues. It was good to be able to talk and hear people's perspectives in a safe, non-judgmental space." - 2023 'Working with the trans community' participant


To request details for training sessions, including costs, please input your details below, or use the contact page:

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