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Are you currently accepting new clients?

I am not currently accepting clients. Please check back later or try Counselling Directory

What are your fees?

I charge £60 per session. I offer slots for low/no income clients. Fees for training sessions vary. Please contact me for details. 

I'm not queer or neurodivergent, am I still welcome at Off Beat Therapy? 

Of course! Working with neurodivergent and queer clients is a particular interest but anyone is welcome, however I don't currently work with couples, families or those under 18. I am based in the UK and for insurance purposes, I am only able to work with UK based clients. 

What kind of issues can I bring to counselling? 

My hope is that we can co-create a space where you can bring your entire self and whatever is troubling you. I have experience with with a variety of clients and situations. I will always be honest if I feel I'm not the right person to help you, and can assist you in finding alternative support. If you're unsure, you can book a free brief chat to see if we're suited to working together. 

What do the terms you use to describe your counselling mean?

Affirmative counselling recognises that you are the expert in yourself, and doesn't view any identities as preferable. It means that I accept you as you are in every moment - autistic clients are welcome to stim freely, clients questioning their gender or sexuality can do so with validity and without persuasion to identify in a certain way. More information about affirmative therapy (from a gender perspective - but there are many different types) can be found here

Anti-oppressive counselling means I recognise that therapy takes place within a world of biases. It's my job to be aware of my assumptions and biases and actively and openly work with these issues, rather than ignoring them or pretending they don't enter the therapy room. 

Psychodynamic counselling is one of the many different approaches to therapy. It looks at how patterns from relationships and behaviour in your past continue to affect you today. Humanistic counselling emphasises the ability of the counsellor-client relationship to fuel change. My integrative approach integrates these two ways of working. 

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