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What to expect

If you're interested in starting counselling and want to know what to expect, this page will guide you through what will happen next: 

You can contact me through the 'Contact' page. The form, pictured below, tells you what information is helpful to include. 

A screenshot of the contact form with boxes for a name, email and message

I will respond to your message via email, usually on the same day, but definitely within three working days. I will offer you the opportunity to speak briefly via phone, video or text to ask some questions if needed. We will then arrange your ongoing appointment time. I will send a form which asks some questions about you such as your contact details, important medical information etc:

A screenshot of a google form asking for email, name and date of birth

I will also send a link to an agreement document. We will verbally go through this in the first session. It's a set of guidelines about how we will work together. It is a slideshow that looks like the screenshot below. I will ask you to sign your agreement electronically by inputting your details at the end. 

A screenshot of a slideshow titled 'agreement' with a drawing of two shaking hands

Before our first session, I will send a Google Meet link. This is a platform that works similarly to Zoom/Skype etc. Our appointments will be at the same time and same link each week. It looks like the picture below. I will appear where the logo is:  

A screenshot of a google meet call

So the next step is to contact me, which you can do so via this button: 

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